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I understand that you want to get your hands on the report Break The Limits,
But Before you proceed any further, would you like to:

Get a step by step guide with video and exercises of the most common limiting beliefs and methods to annihilate them forever at 50% Discount?

Do you want to know more? Get more in depth with some limiting beliefs. Then you’re lucky, I have made a series of videos with exercises and cheat-sheet that go with the most common limiting beliefs. Beliefs like “I need love and acceptation” or “I am really no good” or ”my past is haunting me”…

For many of these beliefs, even if the report and the mails will be helping you along the way, you might feel you need more details.

This is where these videos and exercises come into the picture.

I have used this technics in my therapy room for years and I transposed them to sound-files and written material for my French site (you can see them for yourself on - look for the serie “combattre” -- fight) and the results have been astonishing.

For my English-speaking customers, instead of making sound files, I chose to make videos which are more interesting and give even more possibilities than just sound files.

In this package, you will get six videos with written explanations and step by step sheets made for you

  • You will learn the secrets behind all the limiting beliefs we have in the first video. And then we will go on to five of the most common limiting beliefs: Unbearable situations, free yourself of the weight of the past, the dire need of acceptation, the idea of being no good, and the need of being perfect.
  • Each video will go in depth with each situation in a way that is impossible to do in a mail or in a report, because there is so much to say and for each video, there will be a step by step sheet of how to fight this exact belief.
  • With each video, there is a cheat-sheet, exercises and explainations.

Each of the five videos about the limiting beliefs with the exercise and step by step sheet is worth $7. 7 x 5 = $30 But for you and only as long as I have the special offer on this report, the price is only $15. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Yes, please, let me have the 6 videos with cheat sheet at a 50% discount for $15 only instead of $30.

P.S.: Remember, the price of $15 is only as long as I have the report as a special offer. When I take it off the air, the price will go back to normal and whatever other special offer I will choose to make later on, I will never have it that cheap again (that wouldn’t be fair).

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