Stress Increases Empathic Abilities in Women and Undermines them in Men


(19/03-2014) – A very simple problem could be undermining not only our health, but also our relationship with other people: Stress. 

A recent study carried out with the collaboration of Giorgia Silani from the International School for Advanced Studies of Trieste suggests that stressed males tend to become more self-centered and less able to distinguish their own emotions and intentions from those of other people. For women, it is the opposite. Stressed women become more “prosocial”, so to speak. Silani explains: “There’s a subtle boundary between the ability to identify with others and take on their perspective — and therefore, be empathetic — and the inability to distinguish between self and other, thus acting egocentrically.

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What are the Limiting Beliefs? (And How to Get Rid of Them?)


When I was a child, I put my finger on a red hot kitchen stove, just to see what it did. 

Well… It was very hot, and I got burned. Yes, I know, my mum told me so, but anyway, I had to try. 

From that, I got the belief that red hot kitchen stoves are very hot, and that I shouldn’t touch them. 

Beliefs aren’t bad, in fact. They help us put our world in a system, so we, very rapidly, can find out of what to do and what not to do. So we can take some decisions and act very quickly without having to debate or think a lot before we do any action. 

So we actually have a lot of different beliefs, and we are using them constantly without any problems. 

But now, I could also have taken the belief that all kitchen stoves, hot or not, in a kitchen or in a store, wherever they are, are dangerous and will hurt me if I come too close to them. 

Now, this belief, in itself, is still a good belief, because since I will keep away from every single kitchen stove, hot or not, I will not get burnt by them. So this belief will accomplish the same thing that the first belief: do not touch hot stoves. 

But not only, it will protect me, of course, but it will also limit me in some ways: I will be afraid of every kitchen stove. 

This is a limiting belief.

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The Dark Side of The Entrepreneur


(12/08-2013) – If your child has antisocial tendencies, tends to break rules and cheats at school he might be sociopath… or a rising entrepreneur, writes PsychCentral.

New research has found a childhood pattern of antisocial tendencies among entrepreneurs.

Researchers at the University of Stockholm and Friedrich Schiller University at Jena, Germany, found that as children, entrepreneurs had a higher tendency to break rules, including frequent disregard of parental orders, more frequent cheating at school and more use of drugs.

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No, the “magic” number is not 7


Since 1956, since the work of George Miller, we have had this idea that the mind could cope with a maximum of seven chunks of information.

Well, according to newer research, it is not even that much. The new magic number is four, not seven, MNT writes.

According to psychological lore, when it comes to items of information the mind can cope with before confusion sets in, the “magic” number is seven.

But a new analysis by a leading Australian psychiatrist challenges this long-held view, suggesting the number might actually be four.

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